The Day the Universe Stopped Expanding
Introduction to the Script

The following depicts a hypothetical, moderated round table discussion between the following historical figures who are famous for their work in the fields of astronomy and cosmology; the topic being the Expanding Universe, the Big Bang, and related theories.

Host:   We are especially fortunate to have with us this evening a full table of great scientists from the past: Professor Sir Isaac Newton from Cambridge, England; Dr. Albert Einstein from Berlin, Germany; renowned astronomer Edwin Hubble from Mount Wilson Observatory in California; Professor Herbert Dingle, former president of the British Royal Society and an expert on the Doppler effect of light; and last but not least cosmologist Arthur Eddington, who wrote the famous 1933 book entitled, The Expanding Universe.

They have all agreed to enlighten us as to the size, shape and origin of the Universe, and whether or not it is currently expanding. Please stay with us for this lively and educational discussion!